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guiding students on the journey of faith, step by step

Emmaus Student Ministries seeks to help students see and understand God’s transforming grace, respond to Christ’s presence in their lives as He walks with them, and form friendships that move them along on their journey of faith.


We get our name from a story in Luke 24:13-35. This simple story takes place the first Easter afternoon. The risen Christ appeared to two disciples who were walking together along the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus, and then walked along with them. Like many of us today, who are blinded by our own busyness and agendas, these two disciples’ hopelessness seemed to prevent them from recognizing Jesus for who He really was. As they walked to Emmaus, Jesus explained to them the meaning of all the Scriptures concerning himself and what was really going on. When they arrived in Emmaus, Jesus “took bread, blessed and broke it, and gave it to them,” and their eyes were opened. They recognized Him as Jesus and they remembered how their hearts had burned within them as they talked with Him on the road. Within the hour, the two disciples left Emmaus and returned immediately to the other disciples in Jerusalem. At the core of this great story is this verse from Luke 24:15, “While they were talking and discussing together, Jesus himself drew near and went with them.” We think this verse serves as an incredible summary of all that will be taking place at Emmaus Student Ministries!


At Emmaus, we want to be intentionally relational in all we do because we know that nothing impacts students more than friendships which are grounded in the journey of discipleship! We offer programs and events as a way to interact with students and to allow students to interact with each other. The community that is formed becomes an important place for students where they are challenged to know God better, are encouraged, learn how to serve and are held accountable to God’s Word.

wednesday night oasis

The Oasis is your midweek place to rest, recharge, hang with friends, worship, eat, laugh, discuss and so much more. The Middle School Oasis is 6 to 7:30 p.m. and the High School Oasis is 7 to 9 p.m.

Sunday morning Diner

At the Diner on Sunday mornings we start with breakfast at 9:30. Then everyone is invited to pick one of four lesson options each week. There are game based lessons, video based lessons, interactive Bible studies and dig in deep discussions. The Diner is open to all students grades 6 -12.


Sherpas are world renown expert guides for mountaineering expeditions, specifically in the Himalayas. We also have world renown guides in Emmaus ministries. Our Sherpas our amazing volunteers who sacrifice their time and energy to minister to students.

Emmaus parents

One of the main reasons Emmaus exists is to come alongside and help parents as they raise and disciple their students. We have an Emmaus parent class that meets the second Sunday of each month at 9:30 in the Emmaus Warehouse. We talk, share struggles, laugh, cry and encourage each other as we raise our students.

Our team

the emmaus staff


Mason Williams

Associate Pastor of Student Ministries

Mason is an alumni of Emmaus Student Ministries and has been on staff full time since 2013. He loves walking through life with students and seeing them take the next steps in their faith.

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Kayla Baker

Director of Student Ministries

Kayla grew up in Colorado and attended Colorado Christian University. She was double major in Liberal Arts and Theology with a minor in Education.

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We'd love have you come and hang out with us! The core of Emmaus is the Wednesday Night Oasis! The middle school group meets from 6 to 7:30 and the high school group meets from 7 to 9.

We also have the Sunday Morning Diner. The Diner is open from 9:30 to 10:40 for grades 6-12.

The emmaus place

this is where we hang out




We  value community in Emmaus. We believe discipleship happens best in the context of community relationships...


THe Emmaus Diner

... so we created the Emmaus Diner. The Diner is where we spend time together. We play, laugh, eat and just hang out.



In the Diner you can play pool, ping pong or foos ball. Try an Emmaus brewed root beer or a milk shake!


The Emmaus Warehouse

We think shipping and receiving is a pretty good description of worship, so we created the Warehouse for worship.


The EMMAUS warehouse

In the Warehouse we gather as a large group and worship, discuss, and respond to God's word for us.


The Emmaus garage

Play is important, it builds community. The Garage is a place to play, cut loose, run, throw a ball and have fun!


The Emmaus Study

The Study is for digging deep. It is a place where students can dig deeper, ask questions and explore faith.


The Emmaus Road

Tying it all together is the Emmaus Road which is a symbol of the journey of faith that our students are traveling.


download brochures, forms, calendars, permissions slips and anything else important!


Emmaus activity calendar

EAch year we put together the emmaus activity calendar for the school year. the calendar runs from

september to july. everything that emmaus is doing during the school year can be found in the calendar. you

can download a copy of the calendar by clicking here or pick up a copy when you are at the church.




here are the three retreats happening this school year

high school fall retreat

Mount Hermon Redwood Camp, Santa Cruz, CA

September 30 to October 2, 2016

  • Early Bird Registration - $145 Register by 9/7
  • Scholarship requests due by 9/7
  • Regular Registration - $160 Register by 9/21
  • Awesome chance to relax, retreat and spend time with God and time with friends! Click here to get the brochure.

high school winter retreat

Disneyland, CA

February 10-12, 2017  

  • Details TBA
  • Scholarship requests due by 1/17/16
  • Details TBA
  • An awesome day at the happiest place on Earth and a great chance to get to know new people in Emmaus.
  • Details TBA

middle school winter retreat

Hume Lake, CA

March 3-5, 2017

  • Details TBA
  • Details TBA
  • Hume Lake is an amazing place to hang out in the Winter. Tubing, snowboarding, ice skating, box sleds, paint ball, and so much more! Don't miss is
  • Details TBA


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Oasis Fall Kickoff 2016

The big Fall Kickoff for the Emmaus Oasis is coming up on August 17. Middle school starts at 6 and high school starts at 7. There will be new small groups, new sherpas, fun, food, Oasis Springs Rootbeer (brewed by Emmaus) and our amazing Emmaus Milkshakes are back too! Don't miss it!


High school fall retrat - "Pause"

The High School Fall Retreat is coming up on September 30 to October 2. We are heading back to Redwood Camp and Mount Hermon in the mounains of Santa Cruz. Registration starts on August 17. Early bird registration ($145) and scholarship requests are due by September 7. Regular registration ($160) ends on September 21. This is an awesome retreat. We hang out, relax, spend time with each other and with God. Don't miss it! Download the brochure by clicking here and register online by clicking here.


Year Long activity calendar

The Emmaus School Year Activity Calendar is now available. Everything you need to know about Emmaus and what Emmaus is doing can be found in this calendar! So, grab one from the Emmaus Bridge today and fill in all our other stuff around the Emmaus stuff! That way you don't miss a single Emmaus thing! You can also download a .pdf of the calendar by clicking here.


What Students are saying about emmaus


I think emmaus has really had an impact on my life. before I started emmaus I was not sure if I was going to like it. But emmaus turned out to be very fun on sundays. But when I herd about emmaus Wednesday I was not sure if I wanted to go. One day in 7th grade my dad got asked to help. I decided to go with my dad. Now I go every sunday and Wednesday. It has really gotten me closer with the lord.

Tristan, 7th Grade

The community and atmosphere Emmaus creates is unbelievable. You walk in the doors and already feel loved and comforted within 5 minutes of being there. I'm not quite sure where I would be if it wasn't for Emmaus and all the people there. Emmaus really is my second home.

Haley, Sophomore

Emmaus means a community of loving and caring people who help me in my walk with God. Emmaus to me is an escape where I can let go of all the stress that comes from school, sports, work, life, and simply just worship God carefree and honestly.

Bella, Senior


Don't hesitate to get in touch with us, we would love to hear from you

3175 Sebastopol Rd.

Santa Rosa, CA 9507

(707)528-8463 x244